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  • MAME is more than an emulator

    Like many people out there, I discovered MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, while looking for an emulator program for these old arcade games, like pacman, galaxian, outrun, and playing again with these games was a refreshing experience… A couple of years ago, I discovered a twin program, MESS, that shared most of MAME source […]

  • Self hosting

    What is possible to host locally on a linux server, that would otherwise be delegated in the silo of big corporations? What is worth the effort? In all these cases, the underlying server will have to run 24/7, not necessarily a powerful box. mail server: yes, of course this is the first and most straightforward […]

  • Video chat using standard protocols

    Until recently, I have always been disappointed by the less-than-optimal possibilities to have audio and video chat between two linux users, compared to the ease of use of proprietary solutions. Each component is available, but the glue required to make them work together was missing, of not properly configured, at best. The number of involved […]